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Monday, September 30, 2013

Cardio Diet Tracker App is Updated for Healthy Vegetables in School Lunch ... - Broadway World

Cardio Diet Tracker App is Updated for Healthy Vegetables in School Lunch Programs

To ensure you are eating adequate nitric oxide-rich vegetables for a heart-healthy diet, Berkeley Test provides an inexpensive and easy-to-use disposable saliva test strip for monitoring nitric oxide levels. In less than a minute, the results from the Berkeley Test strips can be analyzed on any iPhone with the free Cardio Diet Tracker and Nitric Oxide Food Recorder App v1.1 optimized for iOS7. The iPhone App provides immediate and ongoing feedback on foods that elevate your natural nitric oxide levels so those levels can be sustained for you to remain energized and fit.

According to the Whole Kids Foundation, eating a common sense salad every day could easily reduce the average American diet by 100 calories per day. That would amount to a 10 pound body weight difference in 1 year. The USDA recommends 4 to 6 servings of vegetables a day. For the vast majority of Americans, 2 cups of vegetables, especially for cardio-protective leafy greens, is often the upper limit of one's daily intake and less than 5 servings per week is typical. Sadly, society has moved away from multiple servings per day of vegetables substituting it with processed box food or supplements to satisfy dietary needs, which are often inadequate in nutritional value and nitric oxide potency.

The one-minute Berkeley Test is typically taken 2 hours after consuming plant-based meals during which time the body transforms these essential plant-based foods, such as spinach, celery, beet root and other leafy greens, into cardio-protective nitric oxide. It is well established through published clinical evaluations that elevated levels of nitric oxide enhances endurances and athletic performance. Go to Berkeley Test All-Stars to learn more about how Olympian and elite athletes use Berkeley Test.

In 1998, the Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded for discovering the importance of nitric oxide in cardiovascular health and wellness. Balanced whole food meals enriched with leafy greens, such as arugula, bok choy, kale, mustard greens, and spinach, can replenish the body's ability to generate cardiovascular protective and cardiovascular enhancing nitric oxide.

When used in combination, the inexpensive Berkeley Test strip and free iPhone app assist users into recording and tracking personal, plant-based diets and can lead to an increase in the frequency and amount of leafy greens consumed. The iPhone App analyzes recordings demonstrating the healthy-heart benefits that these plant-based foods afford us.

Features of the Cardio Diet Tracker & Nitric Oxide Food Recorder app v1.1 for iOS7 by Berkeley Test:

  • Records Nitric Oxide status throughout the day

  • Shows which natural whole plant-based foods increases Nitric Oxide

  • Provides feedback as to amount, frequency and mix of natural whole plant-based foods

  • Keeps users on heart-healthy plant-based diets

  • Tracks your Nitric Oxide status as it rises and falls throughout the day, week, and month, thereby allowing dietary adjustments

  • Shares personal cardio diet successes with your Facebook community at your request

Results of focus group members using the Berkeley Test Strip and Cardio Diet tracker app found:

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