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Friday, September 27, 2013

Education the way to health - The New Indian Express

With the objective to reduce the epidemic spread of heart diseases, edible oils company Healthy Heart Foods launched ‘Healthy Heart Foundation’. The foundation will address the issue of misinformation and help the underprivileged by making knowledge freely available in an easy and comprehensible manner.

Santosh Lohiya, CEO Healthy Heart Foods and Managing Trustee, Healthy Heart Foundation said, “The aim of this foundation is to focus on reducing heart attacks in India by 25 per cent. We plan to release videos with information about heart awareness and aim to educate children to maintain a healthy heart.”

Senior Cardiologist, Dr Sunil Kapoor stressed the need for urgent measures to be taken to prevent the growing rate of heart diseases among people today. “We are all on the wrong road and incidents of heart diseases are constantly increasing. Let us take the right road towards a healthy heart,” said Sunil Kapoor.

He emphasized on the dramatic increase in heart diseases, even among young people today.

“20 years ago when young people around the age of 20 to 25 years came up to me with complaints of chest pain, I brushed this away as nothing. However, in the past few years, I have noticed an alarming rate of heart diseases even among people aged between 20 and 25, which is a cause for concern,” explained Sunil Kumar, adding, “Eat right, walk right, do not smoke and educate children about the what to do and what not to. These four steps apply to everybody to ensure a healthy and functioning heart,” he said.

Stressing the need for preventive healthcare, Dr VS Ramachandra, another cardiologist in the city said, “The best way to treat a heart attack is to prevent it. Heart attack is not a natural disease which humans should suffer from. It mainly occurs because of our bad habits.”

Systematic lifestyle changes can go a long way in preventing a heart attack. “A healthy diet, proper sleep and an hour of physical activity are some of the ways with which one can prevent a heart attack. Also, smoking must be completely stopped as it’s extremely harmful to the heart,” added the doctor.

As part of the Healthy Heart Foundation’s drive, regular videos comprising of interviews and talk shows by well-known cardiologists will be uploaded with information that can be understood by laymen.

Specialized teams will also be visiting schools and corporates in the city to explain the risks and precautions of heart diseases in India.

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