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Friday, September 27, 2013

Yoga styles: Which one's right for you? - York Daily Record

If you're considering yoga to increase strength, improve flexibility and calm the mind, don't just go for the first flyer somebody sticks on your windshield. From traditional styles to naked yoga and everything in between, there are so many spins on the ancient practice it's often overwhelming for beginners to choose the right style.

Before you get started, yoga experts want you to consider your fitness level and medical conditions and what you're looking for -- if it's a strictly vigorous workout or a more spiritual approach.

"Then go out and try some classes," says San Francisco instructor Ariel Mihic. "Take some samplers to see which one suits you. It's also important to try different teachers, because everyone has their own approach and personality, and you want it to be a good fit."

Ask plenty of questions, says East Bay instructor Ron Avitzur. "Let the instructor know what you're looking for. Yoga is a giant umbrella, with styles from silent meditation to hot-and-sweaty strength building. There are plenty of choices, and you'll find the right one for you."

Here are a few popular forms:

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