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Monday, September 30, 2013

Staying motivated with your fitness routine - YNN

If you're lacking will power when it comes to diet and exercise, you are not alone. In this edition of Healthy Living, YNN's Marcie Fraser tells you how to keep up your routine.

"Actually I am going through a tough period, I think with a change of season, coming into Fall," said Diane Lachtrupp-Martinez, a gym member.

Robert Davis, another gym member added, "I'm lying in bed and I feel I really should go to the gym, but I don't feel like it."

According to certified personal trainer, people stop exercising for many reasons.

"Because they have unrealistic expectations, they go and see P90 and they see Insanity and they see the women with the wash board abs and they see the men with six packs and they don't realize these people have been working out for years," said Bryan Briddell, a certified personal trainer.

Doing too much, too fast is another problem.

"Sometimes I overdo it and then I am really tired afterwards," said Tanya Dybowski, a gym member.

Briddell said, "They start too much intensity. They feel the need to start off with too many days."

Time can be another factor.

"When you get one or two days off in a seven day period, it gets tiring," said Davis.

Briddell suggested, "Don't feel that you have to put in an hour. Just start with little victories and they will start continuing and develop the habit and they that will be a longer each time."

If you are bored, chances are you are not going to stick with it.

"I try to change it up, maybe do yoga one day, run, lift weight or ride my bike here," said Lachtrupp-Martinez.

"Let's develop the habit of doing something you enjoy, moving your body, whether it's strength training, aerobics, walking, cycling," said Briddell.

Looking back when you were in shape, can also hurt your motivation.

Davis said, "When I was younger it was easier. I don't think I have that edge when I was 18. I'm to the gym I'm going to lift really, really heavy."

"A bad workout is better than no work out at all," noted Briddell.

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