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Saturday, September 28, 2013

HHF launches Healthy Heart Foundation in Hyderabad -

Healthy Heart Foods (HHF) has launched Healthy Heart Foundation on September 26, 2013 in Hyderabad. The Foundation is focused at spreading awareness about heart diseases and aims to help underprivileged by imparting knowledge and connecting them to right doctors.

As a unique initiative to reach out to the poor and underprivileged in the country, Healthy Heart Foods, a leading edible oils company, has launched “Healthy Heart Foundation” with the objective to reduce the epidemic spread of heart diseases.

The Foundation is aiming to address the issue of misinformation and also help the underprivileged, by making knowledge freely available in an easy and understandable manner to suit the Indian way of life. It also will reach out to people who are suffering from heart diseases and help them connect with the right doctors and ensure they receive treatment at minimal cost.

Plans are also on to create forums for an encouraging dialogue to reduce the spread and create awareness about the rising cases of heart diseases by means of regular interviews and talk shows by well-known cardiologists across the country. Specialized teams will be formed to visit schools and corporates to explain the risks and precautions of heart diseases in the country.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), cardio vascular diseases are the major cause of deaths globally. According to current projections, in rural and urban areas, heart disease has emerged as the largest killer especially in India. Another major concern noticed is an apparent increase in heart diseases among women. Annually around three million Indian women are victims of heart related complications in India.

The main reason for heart diseases in women is due to low oestrogen level, followed by rapid acquisition of adverse lifestyles such as smoking (by both men and women), physical inactivity, improper diet, stress and much more, resulting in obesity, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes.

Speaking on the occasion, Santosh Lohiya, CEO Healthy Heart Foods and Managing Trustee, Healthy Heart Foundation said, “Our primary objective in launching this Foundation is to reduce heart diseases through dissemination of qualified medical information and spread awareness on the precautions for safe heart.”

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