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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Xbox Fitness Wants to Make You Lose Weight - TrueAchievements

Your mission dear player, if you choose to accept it, is to improve your fitness using your Xbox One. You will be able to do this for free until December 2014. How? Microsoft will be introducing a new online service that allows players to interact with some of the world's leading fitness videos. The catch? You need an Xbox LIVE Gold membership too. Meet Xbox Fitness.
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Xbox Fitness makes use of Kinect to be able to provide feedback on your performance, feedback that was never able to be provided by fitness videos previously. The sensor can read your heart rate using Pulse, where micro-fluctuations in the skin are used to read your heart rate at a distance of up to ten feet. Muscle mapping can measure the power, force and transfer of weight in your body to work out which muscles you are using the most and your exertion. Tips will be provided to help you to produce better results and push yourself harder. Kinect can also can measure your balance, tempo and form to track the quality of your performance. This is then displayed in an energy meter that will encourage you to keep your effort up and not to flag too much.

INSANITY's Shaun T explains:

What makes Xbox Fitness so innovative is the feedback it gives you. The Kinect sensor can evaluate your form, tell how high you’re jumping, how hard you’re punching and even read your heart rate. It’s that little missing piece of validation that hasn’t been possible for home fitness products before. Xbox Fitness completes the puzzle.The videos that players will be able to try out includes Beachbody’s P90X with Tony Horton and, of course, INSANITY with Shaun T. Jillian Michaels and Tracy Anderson will also be adding titles to the mix.

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Of course, there's not much point in having the program if it doesn't do anything with the information that it gathers. Your workout history and performance will be used to create personal workout recommendations and a variety of workouts that range from just ten minutes in length to those lasting an hour.

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If you want to push yourself further than an ordinary workout, challenges can be issued based on your previous performances. Try to beat your previous score or challenge your friends to beat their scores (or vice versa). You will be able to compare yourself to the enitre Xbox Fitness community and take a look at the most popular workouts being used by players around the world.

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Players with an Xbox LIVE Gold membership will be given a free Xbox Fitness Pass that will last until December 2014. From January 2015, players will have to purchase an Xbox Fitness Pass subscription if they wish to continue their workouts. Additional content will also be available for purchase, although there are no more details on this just yet.

Xbox Fitness is due to begin this holiday season, just prior to the new year. As always, should you or any of your friends strain a muscle or be killed, this newshound will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This message will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, dear player...

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